Do you offer coaching or lessons?

No, we do not coach people or offer formal lessons at our practice nights. It is designed to do what it says on the label – it is a place

Would I be good enough to come to the practice nights?

Yes. There is no standard set or examination of any kind. We are keen to see everyone try to improve their dancing through practice. All we ask is that you

Is formal dress expected at events?

Formal dress may be requested at our party nights, particularly the Christmas Ball and Summer Party.  This will be made clear on the ticket.  “Formal” may be taken to mean

Who can I speak to about joining before coming to the events?

Our Secretary Peter Jones is always happy to speak to you and send out membership forms to anyone interested. The annual fee is very modest and will be reduced if

May I attend events without being a member of the Avon Dancers Club

We welcome everyone keen on dancing to our practice nights, balls and competitions. We encourage people to consider becoming a member and reap the benefits of reduced prices, but we do

How do I join Avon Dancers?

You can join in any number of ways. The easiest way is to turn up at a practice night and ask for the membership form and it can be completed