Do I need dancing shoes?

Perhaps not to start with, but in the longer term that’s a definite “yes”! For a dancer, the quality of contact with the dance floor is vital, just as vital

What sequence dances do you play?

While our club nights and competitions are purely ballroom and Latin, we do play some sequence dances at our social functions (tea dances and parties).  However, these are to provide a

Can you find me a partner?

Sorry, but no.  If you wish to come in the hope that you might meet somebody suitable, that’s your own business, but we should point out that the vast majority

What happens at Tea Dances?

Tea dances are held on Sunday afternoons once a month, and non-members are welcome at all our events. The music is a pleasant mix of ballroom, latin, and popular sequence dances,

Are members ever examined or tested?

There are no examinations or tests of any kind at Avon Dancers. We leave individuals and couples to make their own decisions about the level at which they wish to

What is the competition practice at Avon Dancers?

We welcome all dancers, whether competition or social dancers, and we encourage all to join in the events. A number of Avon Dancers are, or have been, active competitors and

Is Argentine Tango music played or classes available?

Argentine Tango is separate from the traditional ballroom and latin dances, and is not accommodated at our events (although suitable music may be played occasionally at our social dances).  Please

Will there be Latin music for salsa dancers?

Salsa is separate from the traditional ballroom and latin dances, and is not accommodated at our events.  Please look for a specific Salsa class, lessons, or club.

What kind of music is played?

Practice Nights are specifically for the five traditional ballroom dances and five traditional Latin & American dances that are competed in ballroom & Latin competitions – ie Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango,

Are there medal classes?

We do not provide classes or tuition of any kind, as this would be outside the mandate of a purely “amateur” club.  Medals are an excellent target to pursue with