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Avon Dancers Club welcomes anyone interested in working on their Ballroom and Latin dance, through inspiration, participation and integration.

  • Loyalty Reward Scheme

    Avon Amateur Dancers Club is pleased to announce the Loyalty Reward Scheme, designed to “give something back” to those (members and non-members alike) who support us and attend our events on a regular basis.

    Full details may be downloaded from the links below, but in summary:

    * Attend three Tea Dances in a row and get free admission to the next Tea Dance;

    * Attend all the Tea Dances in a calendar year (usually 9) and receive a free ticket to the Christmas Ball;

    * Renew your membership before the end of February (for the subsequent year) and only pay at the previous year’s rate;

    * Introduce a brand new member and receive free admission to a Tea Dance or Practice Night of your choice.

    Loyalty Reward Scheme Details

    Loyalty Reward Scheme Terms & Conditions