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Avon Dancers Club welcomes anyone interested in working on their Ballroom and Latin dance, through inspiration, participation and integration.

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    Avon Amateur Dancers Club is pleased to be corporate members of, affiliated to, or otherwise associated with:


    This excellent web site provides free and paid for listings of dance events throughout the country.  We believe in promoting ballroom dancing, and AreYouDancing.com is a superb resource for any dance enthusiast to keep tabs on what’s available in their area.  We list all AADC events on AYD.

    Sign up for free, choose what style of dance you are interested in and the maximum crow’s flight distance, and receive a regular email calendar of all events that have been listed on AYD by their promoters.


    English Amateur Dancesport Association (EADA)

    EADA represents the interests of amateur dancers (principally competitors) at the British Dance Council.  Membership of EADA is beneficial in that it provides strength in numbers and enables stronger representation.  Consider EADA the union for amateur ballroom and Latin dancers in England.


    Dance Promoters Association (DPA)

    The DPA co-ordinates many of the competitions run up and down the country, and operates the National League tables.


    British Dance Council (BDC)

    Anyone wishing to compete (except Beginner grade events), adjudicate, or scrutineer at any competition, must register and obtain the respective licence for the current year from the BDC.  (In future, EADA may take over the role of registering amateur competitors.)  The BDC also administrates the rules which govern the conduct of competitors and competitions.


    Dancers’ Forget-Me-Not Fund

    Now a registered charity, the Forget-Me-Not Fund runs events and receives donations raising money to provide a small gift and goodwill message for ill or injured dancers (whether social, competitive, or professional; Ballroom, Latin, Old Time, or Sequence), with the objective of showing support from the dancing community at a time of need.

    To nominate a recipient for a Forget-Me-Not Fund gift, contact your area representative (as listed on the web site):





    The following have kindly subsidised the production and distribution of the latest Members’ Newsletter by paying to advertise in it.  We are very grateful for their contributions.  Please follow the links to their web sites (where applicable), and mention AADC when ordering:

    The Bath Dancentre

    Cami Confidential

    Dance Factory Bristol

    Wendy & Bob Hinton (no web site)

    Holbrooks Dance Shoes (Henleaze, Bristol)

    Weston-super-Mare Winter Gardens