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Avon Dancers Club welcomes anyone interested in working on their Ballroom and Latin dance, through inspiration, participation and integration.

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    Avon Dancers was set up in the 1970s to meet the needs of people like you!   We are a community of keen amateur dancers who want to improve our skills and the look of our dancing by practice. That is why we organise a practice night each week at the beautiful venue of Somerset Hall in Portishead. We are keen to attract all standards of dancing.  We were all beginners once and we only progressed because we stayed with it! Any proficient dancer will tell you that practice and regular dancing is the key to progress and to getting more from your dancing.

    Most accomplished dancers will acknowledge that they have been helped by the encouragement and example of more experienced mentors. Bristol and the West Country have a proud tradition of supporting ballroom and Latin dancing, and Avon Dancers have been part of that success story. We hold regular dances, including balls at which we invite some of the top dancing couples to demonstrate their skills for us. Recent appearances have included the World Amateur Latin champions and British ballroom champions. Avon Dancers also organise regular competitions at which dancers of all levels, experience and abilities show off their talents and hope to impress the distinguished judges.

    What can Avon Dancers do for you?

    Many dancers are offered the prospect of realising their dreams of dancing beautifully well but at a very large cost in time and money. Dancers can (and do) spend thousands of pounds in lessons and coaching to reach the standard of performance that they see in the best competitors, or the moves displayed on television shows such as ‘Strictly’.

    Private lessons and personal coaching are wonderful aids to better dancing.  Top competitors will have been coached by many different people in their career. But the secret to great dancing is not only listening to a teacher, however inspirational they may be. It is only by regular and disciplined practice that we all raise our standard of dancing.  Avon Dancers Club offers you the opportunity to practise your steps on a great dancing floor – at very little cost!  The membership fee for the whole year is less than half the price of an hour’s private lesson charged by most teachers. The entrance fee for a night of practice is a mere £4 for members.  For that you have two hours of the best dance music available and the support of a community of like-minded keen friends who want to see you there and enjoy watching you dance. We all love to see people improve.

    The proof of the Avon Dance formula is found in the members who successfully compete as well as dancing socially around Britain. We have members of the England dance team as well as veterans who have never competed but have remained true to their love of dance over many years. Our aim is to attract a wide range of age groups with different dance interests. Our goal is simply to enjoy our dancing and to raise our dancing to new levels.


    Membership of Avon Dancers is £17.50 per year (concessions available).  This secures you full membership and the right to many price reductions as well as participation in the Club at all levels.  Avon Dancers always welcome new members at our regular Practice Nights (Tuesday, 8-10.00) and other events, which are also advertised on ‘Are You Dancing?’ and other web sites.

    Avon Dancers do not impose a strict members-only policy, though we encourage participants at our events to consider membership.  This not only helps Avon Amateur Dance Club funds but it also fosters a community of active dancers who want to see the highest standard of dancing thrive across the south west.

    The membership year runs from 1st March annually.  If you join later in the year you will be offered reduced rates of membership until the annual renewal is due.  The current rates for membership (effective 1st April 2018) are:

    Full Membership: £17.50
    Senior Citizens: £14
    Junior/Juvenile: £10

    Why not give us a try and come along to a Practice or other event?  For more information contact Club Secretary, Peter Jones, by telephone or fax: 0117 9710871, 0117 9771546, or 07876 752965. (outside UK: +44 117 971 0871).  It could open the door to a new woprld and lead you to the kind of success you see below!