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Avon Dancers Club welcomes anyone interested in working on their Ballroom and Latin dance, through inspiration, participation and integration.

  • What sequence dances do you play?

    While our club nights and competitions are purely ballroom and Latin, we do play some sequence dances at our social functions (tea dances and parties).  However, these are to provide a pleasant mix of dancing to suit all tastes, and are restricted to the well-known “standards”, with music played at a “fun” rather than “serious” tempo, and never to dominate the programme.  There are hundreds (or even thousands) of sequence and Old Time dances, and new ones are being published all the time, so if sequence dancing is your particular thing you should look for a sequence dancing club.

    The following is an approximate list of sequence and Old Time dances likely to be played at our social dances, although over time some may fall out of favour or others be brought in if they become popular enough.  There is no guarantee that all of them will be played at any particular event, especially if time is short, but we are open to requests (especially if there are several couples present who know the dance).

    Balmoral Blues
    Blue Angel Rumba
    Emmerdale Waltz
    Magic Mambo
    Mayfair Quickstep
    Melody Foxtrot
    Queen of Hearts Rumba
    Rumba One
    Sally-Ann Cha Cha Cha
    Saunter Revé
    Saunter Together
    Sindy Swing
    Square Tango
    Tango Serida
    Tina Tango
    Waltz Catherine
    White City Waltz
    Woodside Waltz

    Note that, unlike sequence clubs, the dances will not be lead.  Everyone starts at the beginning of the music (or has to join in as they go), and if you are unsure of the steps just follow the couple in front.

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