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Avon Dancers Club welcomes anyone interested in working on their Ballroom and Latin dance, through inspiration, participation and integration.

  • Duty Rota

    The Club cannot run without a team of organisers and helpers at front-of-house or behind the scenes.  All members are encouraged to take a hand in the running of the club and club events, within their means and ability, however small a contribution that might be.

    The rota for Club Night is organised quarter by quarter, during the previous month.

    Below are the duty rotas for Club events over the next few months (see notes further down), subject to change at short notice:

    Club Nights 2018 (DJ / Refreshments)
    NB: where no names are noted, the situation is currently vacant or not confirmed.

    9th October: Gail / Annette & Clive
    (16th October no Club Night)
    23rd October: Terry / ?
    30th October: Tansin & Barry / Josie & Chris
    6th November: Anne / ?
    13th November: Tansin & Barry / Anne & Steve
    20th November: Gail / Annette & Clive
    27th November: Terry / Nadine & Dan
    4th December: Gail / Anne & Steve
    11th December: Tansin & Barry / Nadine & Dan
    18th December: Terry / Annette & Clive
    (25th December no Club Night)

    Volunteers welcome to help set up at 7.30pm on Club Nights.

    Tea Dances 2018 (DJ / Refreshments – 3 needed)

    28th October: CANCELLED
    25th November: ? / ?
    (no tea dances July, August, or December)

    Volunteers welcome to help set up at 2.30pm on Tea Dances.


    6th October: Autumn Dance – contributions required for setting up (from 6pm), preparation of sandwiches for sale, serving teas/coffees, collecting used crockery/cutlery, clearing the hall (11.45pm). Contact Peter.

    4th November: West of England Championships – contributions required for setting up (previous day, and from 8.30am), admissions, runners (collecting judges marks, trophy receipts), registrations, trophy returns, catering for officials (refreshments and snacks for judges, other professionals, and club volunteers), clearing the hall (approx 9pm).  Contact Peter.

    22nd December: Christmas Ball – contributions required for setting up (from 3pm), preparation and serving of buffet, serving teas/coffees, collecting used crockery/cutlery, clearing the hall (12.30am). Contact Peter.

    Volunteer DJs

    One can become rusty at presenting a programme of music for dancing just the same as one becomes rusty at dancing if not in regular practise.  Therefore our DJs are encouraged to fulfill that function on a regular basis (at least once a quarter), and if there were too many volunteers they would not all get an adequate slice of the cake.

    We deliberately use a variety of systems to play the music, so that there is always a fall-back in the event of failure, and being in frequent use their operational state is known (rather than stuck away in a cupboard and found to be not working when needed).

    The services of professional DJs are used at parties and competitions.

    Refreshments Volunteers

    Club Night refreshments volunteers bring milk and biscuits (reimbursed on request, or registered as a donation to the Club), put out cups etc, prepare and serve tea/coffee, then wash up and put away.  This is normally performed by a couple, and their admissions are halved to compensate for loss of dancing time.  Sometimes a member will come to Club Night just to run the refreshments.  New volunteers welcome – and if you temporarily don’t have a dance partner for some reason, why not come and do the teas to keep in contact with the Club?

    Club Night refreshments guidelines (not instructions!) are available for download HERE (click).

    Tea Dance refreshments are a different kettle of fish.  We need a minimum of three people willing to serve tea/coffee and cakes at the interval, and preferably to provide home-baked scones, cakes, and other tit-bits we can sell to contribute to covering the cost of the event (reimbursed on request, or registered as a donation to the Club).

    For party and competition catering, see specific events as listed above.