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Avon Dancers Club welcomes anyone interested in working on their Ballroom and Latin dance, through inspiration, participation and integration.

  • Demonstrations

    Demonstrations are one of the most exciting things that we do. Demonstrations are exhibitions of dancing performed by some of the best dancers in the United Kingdom who come to our venue at Bristol to entertain us and show us how it is done at the peak of ability!  These top couples provide a show at our regular dances: they may specialise in ballroom or Latin dancing.  Some demonstrators display their talents in both sides of the standard and Latin repertoire.

    Among the dancers who have performed recently for Avon Dancers at their social events are the current World Amateur Latin champions Neil Jones and Ekaterina Sokolova. Another brilliant Latin twosome are Alejhandro Hernandez and Carrie Ann Donaldson. Among the rising talents in the world of ballroom to grace the floor at Somerset Hall are Stephen Arnold and his partner. One of our home grown talents we are proud to see reaching the pinnacles of stardom is Jonas and his partner who came in 2012.  At our Xmas 2012 Ball we have Ian Taylor and Stefanie Bossun, top British amateur ballroom stars and regarded by some as the best of the crop!

    You can see some of the flashes of genius from these dancers from our Youtube videos which were taken by Jo Melling and others spectating at some of these events.

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