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Avon Dancers Club welcomes anyone interested in working on their Ballroom and Latin dance, through inspiration, participation and integration.


    Those of us prepared to actually roll up our sleeves and do something to make things happen, have done so for a very long time during which (with a few exceptions) everyone else has been happy to sit back and enjoy the result. We are partially to blame for this – we have had our way of doing things and it is easier to just carry on doing it than have willing potential new help getting in the way.

    However, the “old hands” (however willing themselves) cannot carry on forever, and are dwindling in number due to the natural processes of time. We have reached the point at which club events are at risk because of lack of manpower (and womanpower!) to put them on.

    The obvious deficits are at the formal functions (Summer Party and Christmas Ball) and competitions, but the same applies to the Easter and Autumn Dances, and the Tea Dances.

    The next tea dance is due on Sunday 4th February, and we are critically short of helpers to provide and serve cakes and tea. Offers of baking and serving will be gratefully received (but please let us know beforehand). Material costs will be reimbursed. We do not want to have to cancel tea dances due to lack of help.

    This is a club, and it is run by members for the members. Don’t be fooled by the fact that we welcome non-members as well, that is just a way of balancing the books and allowing events (for the members’ benefit) that would otherwise be too expensive to put on.

    The AGM will be coming up soon (last Tuesday in March), and we have had vacancies on the committee for many years. If you care about the future of the club, and can spare some time and energy to form that future, don’t wait to be asked – put yourself forward.

    It is time for the members to step up to the plate.

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