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Avon Dancers Club welcomes anyone interested in working on their Ballroom and Latin dance, through inspiration, participation and integration.


    Who Are We?

    Avon Amateur Dancers Club was set up as an amateur ballroom and Latin dance society in the 1970s to meet the needs of people like you!   We are an established group of keen dancers who want to improve our skills and the look of everyone’s dancing. We organise a practice night each week at the beautiful venue of Somerset Hall in Portishead. We also arrange regular evening dances at which outstanding displays are provided by top amateur and professional couples.  Sociable tea dances also run each month. The third kind of activity we undertake is competition work which involves dancers of all standards.  Avon Dancers want to attract all levels of dancers and dancing from beginners upwards.  We were all beginners once and we only progressed because we stayed with it! Any proficient dancer will tell you that practice and regular dancing is the key to becoming a better dancer and getting more enjoyment from your dancing.

    Join Us


    We are a society for all ballroom and Latin dancers. We host weekly practice sessions but we arrange a variety of events all year round.   Tuesday night is practice night. We also organise four dance balls each year.  Tea Dances are held once each month. All at Somerset Hall, Portishead. Novice, keen and experienced dancers all most welcome.


    The ballroom and Latin dances that we know today exist because of competitions held in the past. British dancers led the field in deciding on the International Standard for competition.  We believe competitions are for everyone. In this region, Avon Dancers’ Club organise and finance two main competitions each year, awarding many trophies and cash prizes.


    Demonstrations take place at each of our four annual dances (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Xmas) and are one of the most exciting things that we present to the dance comunity. Demonstrations are exhibitions of dancing performed by some of the best dancers in the United Kingdom who come to our venue at Bristol to entertain us and show us how it is done at the peak of fitness and talent!